a taste of life

Vita Caviar, jewels for your palate

Vita Caviar is a treasure trove of jewels. Minute jewels for the palate, to be savoured cold and preferably pure, without adding anything. Uniform, consistent, glossy grains that explode in your mouth, releasing flavourful hues that linger, that excite newcomers and that connoisseurs can clearly distinguish according to the variety: hints of walnuts and hazelnuts, a touch of algae, seafood, crustaceans, and delicate saltiness. In terms of salt, we use the Russian “Malossol” conservation method: not more than 3% salt.
The range of caviar we offer includes: 

We vacuum pack in glass or crystal containers and in jars slightly bigger in volume, in order to keep all the caviar’s flavour and taste intact.
Our quick production and packaging process is carried out in conformity to international laws. All our products are traceable and conform to the cold chain.

Vita, a brand new taste of life

Vita, life, vida, жизнь, vie, Leben… our caviar speaks the most convincing, easiest to understand language in the world: the language of taste. A fine taste: the delicate balance between recollections of the sea and the flavourful elegance of the precious sturgeon roe.
A new story that begins with a new way of rearing sturgeon - breeding grounds.

From modern, sustainable, and safe breeding hatcheries.

We went to the North-East, where it is cold in summer as well. Where the water is pure, and they experiment with innovative hatchery methods. In fact, our caviar comes from sturgeon bred with an RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System: that means that the water is regenerated (drastically reducing consumption), and all ambient conditions are controlled and managed, without outside interference.
Temperature, salinity, oxygenation, bio-filtration, insulation, preventive hygiene, etc., everything is monitored and corrected to create a habitat that suits the various species of sturgeon as much as possible. In addition, feeding is done using balanced feed that conforms to international norms, and the fish are examined at regular intervals, at all stages of growth and maturation of the roe, including the use of bio-chemical and ultrasound analysis, based on a strict programme. No hormones are used to speed up growth, nor GMOs or antibiotics, in any form. Why are we so precise and unyielding?
Because, the better the sturgeon live, the better the caviar: making the tasting experience safer, more satisfying, and more complete. 


And now ... a taste of Vita.

We have travelled the world to find, select, and offer you caviar that can stun, seduce, and win over the palate and the mind. Have we succeeded? That’s for you to answer. All that remains is to open a treasure trove of Vita Caviar and ...
let us know! 


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